“Smoke is the umami of barbeque” and other secrets revealed from “Project Fire”

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Steven Raichlen's Master Class held at MPT June 8, 2019
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The first day of Summer is upon us! Which could only mean beach trips, eating alfresco on a cool night, and more weekends eating BBQ with loved ones. Speaking of BBQ, I have always been a hardcore fan of brisket, ribs, and finely made steaks. In my book, summertime is always BBQ time. 
The weather change and my undying love of BBQ inspired me to get my “adulting” on and learn more about the BBQ-making process.  
I knew the best place to start would be to watch Steven Raichlen’s Project Fire: “Episode 112: Raichlen’s Rules.”



Steven Raichlen’s Project Fire  is a new series from the same production team that brought viewers Steven Raichlen’s Project Smoke and Primal Grill. Steven Raichlen’s Project Fire  is also a co-production of Maryland Public Television, Barbacoa, Inc. and Resolution Pictures.
Steven Raichlen is an original in crafting delicious BBQ. 


In the gourmet food world, Raichlen, a 20-year BBQ veteran, is known as a demi-god for his legendary grilling and BBQ skills.  
Did you know that Raichlen won five James Beard awards for his cookbooks? Did you also know that in 2016 he was also inducted into the Barbeque Hall of Fame? His street cred is immense!  


I decided to start my adulting session by watchingSteven Raichlen’s Project Fire: “Episode 112: Raichlen’s Rules” In this leisurely yet fast paced 30 minute episode, I learned the fine art of smoking ice cream, grilling corn caveman style and direct grilling tomahawk steaks.
Raichlen’s folksy charm emanated throughout the episode. His gift for breaking down complex steps into easy to remember tips made this novice chef feel confident.


Project Fire adeptly cuts tantalizing footage of the food preparation and execution process. Imagine close-ups of steak getting smothered in rich seasoning. It’s as if you are really there, in the flesh, ready to take a picture for your Instagram 24-hour story. 


Not only that, he defies science by grilling ice cream. Season one is up on MPT’s website and it’s easy to binge watch this show. 
Not only that, most of the ingredients are easy to find in your closest grocery store. Season 2 of Project Fire is filmed in Steinhatchee, a famous fishing spot on Florida’s Gulf Coast. New episodes will focus on using key ingredients found off the coast as well as special brisket techniques that promises to soften and smother even the toughest of meats. 


Tune into MPT (online and offline) July 2019 for the new season of Steven Raichlen’s Project Fire.”  If you want to get your “grill” on now, you can watch Steven Raichlen’s Project Fire: “Episode 112: Raichlen’s Rules”  as well as the rest of season one on www.mpt.org 

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