Create TV

Create® TV Cooking Challenge 2017

The national Create Cooking Challenge 2017 was a terrific success! Thousands of viewers visited and hundreds entered the contest by submitting their two-minute videos featuring recipes and tips.

MPT applauds two of our viewers who submitted their recipes for consideration. Take a look!

From Robin D.: Whole Chicken 3 Ways

About: Syrian/American mom, grandma, food blogger, videographer, on a great adventure sharing Food: The ultimate social event.
Cooking experience: Cooking since I could stand on a chair to knead bread or roll grape leaves. On Food Network - Clash of the Grandmas. YT Cooking Channel.
Why entered: Every meal tells a story, and gives us cause to celebrate. I would like a TV program to share this concept regularly and inspire others!

From Shevon K.: Easy Pizza

About: Food is my passion. I love to eat food, cook food, and learn about food. I learned to cook from my mother and I'm happiest in the kitchen.
Cooking experience: My cooking experience ranges from cooking for my family to my small business, where I sell a variety of sweets and savories at markets.
Why entered: I entered the cooking challenge to step out of my comfort zone. My daughter constantly tells me to go bigger and this is a great opportunity.