Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Luv Strenx and Kqlm Strqng

Located exactly between Mondawmin Mall and Penn and North, both the residence and business of Luv Strenx and Kqlm Strqng were in the epicenter of the events that unfolded on April 27, 2015. Fortunately, they and their children emerged from the day unscathed, which the couple attributes to their relationships with the community.

Voices of Baltimore: Luv Strenx and Kqlm Strqng

Since then, however, the neighborhood has been what Luv Strenx’s describes as a “ghost town,” and their business has suffered. The recipients of assistance from Vehicles for Change, the couple pledges to stay in their neighborhood as it recovers.

Footage courtesy of: Baltimore Bloc, Shawn Carrié, Meghann Harris, Merciart Media, WBAL

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