Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Heber Brown

The Reverend Doctor Heber Brown was in attendance at Freddie Gray’s funeral in 2015. During the unrest in Baltimore, Reverend Brown also helped with Bmore United for Change’s Safe Harbor Program, coordinating and publicizing sanctuary locations at faith-based and community organizations throughout the city. Reverend Brown says he is glad that Bmore United for Change coalesced into a formal coalition during this time, because of the magnitude of the “long and systemic issue” they were facing.

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After studying the Baltimore responses to the deaths of Thomas Broadus and the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Reverend Brown became interested in work being done outside of the usual political reform responses to the city’s problems. He sees his role in Bmore United for Change as organizing around asset-based solutions for marginalized communities and says he believes in addressing the immediate material conditions of people’s lives.

Founder of Orita’s Cross Freedom School and the Black Church Food Security Network, Reverend Brown says he is interested in looking at what people need, and how to create it. He thinks that change-makers in communities aren’t always invited to sit at “important tables,” and he believes that more and more young people will continue to be driven to organize on a local level.

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Heber Brown

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