Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Brandon Carroll

Nearing the end of a six year sentence, Brandon Carroll was incarcerated in downtown Baltimore during the unrest of April 2015. With the prison on lockdown for two weeks, he could hear and see the rallies outside his window, but didn’t have a full understanding of what had happened in the city until much later.

Voices of Baltimore: Brandon Carroll

While in prison, Brandon sought to turn his life around. He authored four books and received job training while completing his sentence. He has since been released and now works as a skilled mechanic at Vehicles for Change. Brandon says that he doubts the relationship between law enforcement and the citizenry of Baltimore will ever fundamentally shift. However, he is adamant that Baltimore residents embrace their rights to vote, in hopes of pushing their community forward.

Footage courtesy of: Craig R. Lapreziosa

Voices of Baltimore: Brandon Carroll

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