Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Clayton Williams

Clayton Williams started working at the Strength to Love II Farm in Sandtown-Winchester about a year ago. A Certified Master Gardener, he soon became the farm manager. He says he was “just getting used to” coming to Sandtown every day, when the unrest erupted in 2015.

Voices of Baltimore: Clayton Williams

Clayton was touched by the way the community banded together to help rebuild after a fire damaged some of the greenhouses at the farm, but, he says, not much has changed since last April. Although unemployment is high in the neighborhood, engaging the residents to volunteer their time in exchange for food is a struggle.

However, Clayton says he will continue to keep going at the farm and hopes that people see that it is “for the benefit of the community.” He is engaged in efforts to get Strength to Love II’s produce sold in neighborhood corner stores, as well as at a stall at the Pennsylvania Avenue market. Clayton continues to drive through Gilmor homes every day on his way to work.

Footage courtesy of: Youtuber: Nick Thomas TV
Other footage: Clayton Williams

Clayton Williams

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