Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Beverly D. Cromartie

Each year, hundreds of funerals take place in Baltimore City. One of the only female owned and operated funeral homes located in the heart of “Charm City” belongs to Beverly D. Cromartie - a Baltimore native born and raised near her business in West Baltimore. Her funeral home offers more than just a funeral service; she also provides resources for families in need of financial support.

MPT Digital Studios
Baltimore’s protest footage captured by: Merciart Media

When the looting and chaos took place in her city, she didn’t expect to witness so many young people involved in the violence and destruction. Having lived through the 1968 Baltimore riots that led to years of decay and disparity in her community, she continues to advocate for change. Although she’s seen the worst from Baltimore, she remains hopeful the city will one day overcome these challenges. With her knowledge and wisdom, she’s encouraged many members of her community to stop the senseless violence and instead search for solutions.

In her interview, she states: “I love my city, I’m proud of my city.” And with sincere appreciation and love for her city, she promises to never leave.




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