Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Kevin Davis

Kevin Davis has served as Baltimore’s Police Commissioner since 2015. He was high above the city during April of 2015, watching what unfolded from a helicopter. Since the unrest, he has advocated for officers in Baltimore to build goodwill with the community but says the relationship will always be a challenge.

Voices of Baltimore: Kevin Davis

Through community foot patrol, officer education, youth programs, and intra-city recruiting efforts, Davis hopes to build a greater understanding of Baltimore within the police force, and promote interactions between officers and the public, outside of times of immediate crisis. These strategies, he hopes, will help minimize misconceptions and misunderstandings between the two parties.

Commissioner Davis says he also wants officers to acknowledge the shortcomings of the policing policies and culture of the past, and to be willing to grow from them. These outdated philosophies, he says, have “driven a wedge” between the police and the community, which he hopes can be overcome.

Footage courtesy of: Baltimore Bloc, Meghann Harris, Craig Lapreziosa

Kevin Davis

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