Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Brion Gill

Brion Gill, or Lady Brion, is an artist and activist. She was born and raised in Baltimore, and last April, participated in a variety of organizing efforts across the city. She speaks about the influx of national media, organizers, and funding that came into Baltimore after Freddie Gray’s arrest, as well as her struggle to navigate them all, while still being present in her community.

Voices of Baltimore: Brion Gill

Young people are often at the forefront of national movements for change, Brion says, but in Baltimore at least, they are also typically aware of their place in a lineage of activists. She is adamant about the importance of relationships to one's community.

A fellow at the Open Society, the Cultural Curator for Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, and a spoken word artist, Brion plans to continue her work to connect arts and activism in Baltimore. She says she hopes that people in the city continue to stay active.

Footage courtesy of: Baltimore Bloc, Meghann Harris, Craig Lapreziosa

Voices of Baltimore: Brion Gill

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