Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Meghann Harris

Passionate about learning and educating young people, Meghann Harris, a Baltimore city public school teacher, for years has dedicated her time advocating for students by offering support inside and outside the classroom. 

MPT Digital Studios
Protest footage: Craig R. Lapreziosa, Merciart Media, @BmoreBloc, @shawncarrie

Caught in the crossfire, Harris and two of her female students watched as Baltimore city police clashed with local high school students; she immediately understood their pain and frustration. From inside her car, the two students expressed concerns about their safety as well as the safety of their peers. Heartbroken and angry about the events she witnessed, Harris wrote an article entitled, “A Baltimore Teacher’s Perspective on So-called “Thugs”, regarding the altercation between police and city students following Freddie Gray’s funeral. Her depiction of what happened gives a detailed account of how the riots actually started.

Harris also participated in the Freddie Gray protest days before the April 27th riots, marching alongside her students holding her now illustrious sign, “My Students Matter.”




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