Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Rev. Donté L. Hickman

A troubled past never stopped Dr. Donte’ L. Hickman, a prominent pastor in Baltimore City, from accomplishing his dream of building a senior housing complex and community resource center. Growing up he made many mistakes, and without the support of his family, he could not have become the city leader he is today.

MPT Digital Studios
Protest footage: Merciart Media. Senior Center Fire footage: Youtuber: Nick Thomas TV

Faced with high crime and rampant drug use, Hickman set out to breathe new life into his neighborhood. Started only as a dream, his $16 million center- an affordable housing complex he’d been working on for eight years- was in development and was less than a year away from its grand opening. But shortly after the violence erupted on April 27th, the complex went up in flames. Heartbroken and devastated, he decided to move forward with rebuilding the center, to show his level of commitment to the community.

Now, the Mary Harvin Transformation Center is months ahead of schedule and should be completed at the beginning of 2016. The outpouring of love and support from people across the country is the reason he is still able to accomplish his dream. He believes that his work and love for the city is just enough to recreate a new model of success and vitality for future generations.




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