Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Sgt. Louis Hopson

A member of the Baltimore Police Department for 35 years, Sergeant Louis Hopson also serves as the Chair of the Board for the Vanguard Justice Society and has been working to fight racism in the BPD for several decades. He helped train Alicia White, one of the officers indicted in the death of Freddie Gray, to prepare her for becoming a sergeant.

Recommending that law enforcement officers reside in the communities in which they serve, Sergeant Hopson advocates for a closer relationship between the police and the public. He hopes for a future in which the bridges of those relationships can be repaired, but says he fears there is a “long road” before that goal can be achieved.

Voices of Baltimore: Sgt. Louis Hopson

Baltimore protest footage captured by: BmoreBloc, Shawn Carrié, Meghann Harris, Craig R. Lapreziosa, Merciart Media, WBAL



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