Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Rev. Rodney Hudson

Reverend Rodney Hudson is more than just a leader at Ames Memorial United Methodist Church. An attendee at Freddie Gray’s funeral, he also declares his empathy for the young men and women involved in the events of last April.

Hudson cites the need for job training in Sandtown, and hopes that community policing can shift towards a collaborative model, involving the clergy. “I’m still here because I know I have work to do,” he says in his interview. Freddie Gray’s death was not in vain, he says, as it was the spark that caused the fire of change to blaze.

Voices of Baltimore: Rev. Rodney Hudson

Baltimore’s protest footage captured by: Shawn Carrié, Meghann Harris, Merciart Media, WBAL

Rev. Rodney Hudson

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