Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Ray Kelly

The recently-released U.S. Department of Justice report on Baltimore’s police department was the result of a year of investigation. In an unprecedented move, they accepted resident input from the West Baltimore Commission on Police Misconduct, headed by Ray Kelly and the No Boundaries Coalition.

Voices of Baltimore: Ray Kelly

Chair of the Safety Committee and former President of the No Boundaries Coalition, Ray Kelly has been working on community and police relations in West Baltimore for five years. After the events of April 2015, the No Boundaries Coalition held a public forum on the subject. This forum ultimately led to a relationship with the Department of Justice, and No Boundaries agreed to be the “formal conduit” for resident input into the federal investigation of the Baltimore Police Department.

They formed the West Baltimore Commission on Police Misconduct, and collected interviews and incident statements from residents, producing a weighty report which was shared with the Department of Justice.

According to Kelly, this is the first time a federal investigation has recognized resident input before issuing their consent decree, and he believes this is a “game changer.” Kelly is hopeful that this relationship will set a new precedent, and is adamant about the importance of resident input. He hopes that people don’t get “sucked up” in the court proceedings, and instead focus on residents and the community.

Ray Kelly

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