Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Makayla Gilliam-Price

Only seventeen at the time of the Baltimore uprising, Makayla Gilliam-Price was already a political force in Baltimore. While a junior in high school she had co-founded City Bloc, an organization dedicated to helping underage people exercise their political agency. During the unrest, she worked in conjunction with Baltimore Bloc, Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle, and others, to mobilize Baltimore youth and connect them to efforts at legislative reform.

Voices of Baltimore: Makayla Gilliam-Price

Born and raised in Baltimore, Makayla says the events of 2015 pushed her to become more active, but she is also the product of a politically charged upbringing. During the 1990s, her immediate family rallied to abolish the death penalty in Maryland, which occurred in 2013.

Since the uprising, Makayla has participated in a City Hall shutdown during Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis’s confirmation hearing, co-organized Formation Week which encouraged students at Baltimore City College High School to embrace their cultural heritage, and co-authored Assata’s Syllabus, an online resource for Afrocentric journalism. She plans to attend New School in New York, and pursue a degree in photojournalism.

Footage courtesy of: Shawn Carrie, Merciart Media, Baltimore Bloc, Makayla Gilliam-Price


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