Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Ashiah ParkerĀ - No Boundaries

An eleven-year resident of Sandtown, Ashiah Parker participated in the peaceful demonstrations at the Western Police District in April of 2015. Like many, she watched the subsequent violence unfold on television and was dismayed. After the dust had settled, she looked out of the windows of her home to see the heavy police presence and felt trapped by the surveillance, curfew, and media crush.

Voices of Baltimore: Ashiah

Ashiah heard about the No Boundaries Coalition on the radio during this time, joined soon after, and now serves as an Executive Board Member. The Coalition is run by residents and people invested in the neighborhoods of Central and West Baltimore, and Parker headed their voter initiative this year. She explains the structure and partnerships through which No Boundaries works, and hopes people look past the media portrayals to see what Baltimore really has to offer.

Footage courtesy of: Baltimore Bloc, Meghann Harris, No Boundaries Coalition, WBAL

Ashiah Parker

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