Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

William Scipio

Director of Sandtown’s Resident Action Committee during April of 2015, William Scipio took solace in the peace that came to the neighborhood in the days after Baltimore’s unrest. A Sandtown-Winchester resident for over 30 years, William had initially been nervous about stepping into a leadership role during this time, but he was touched by the community’s clean-up efforts.

Voices of Baltimore: Resident Action

Concerned for the well-being of the residents, William partnered with the No Boundaries Coalition to co-author an open letter to activists and organizers from outside the neighborhood. The letter, titled “Please do with and not for”, requested that demonstrators respect community organizations and residents, and to refrain from entering the neighborhood without permission.

Although William believes the letter was very effective, he says he hasn’t seen anything significantly change since last April. Now working on a Feed the Homeless Ministry, he believes the residents of the community need to stick together to avoid getting “caught up” in what’s surrounding them.

Footage courtesy of: Craig Lapreziosa, Baltimore Bloc

Stills courtesy of: William Scipio

William Scipio

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