Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Safe Streets

James Timpson was one of a few people whose job it was to be at the corner of Pennsylvania and North Avenues in April of 2015. A street-based outreach worker with Safe Streets, he was in the area looking for ways to help quell the violence that was bubbling over. A longtime community outreach professional, James was still surprised at the “level of pain” he witnessed during those days.

Voices of Baltimore: Safe Streets

Funded by the City Health Department, Safe Streets takes on the problem of community violence prevention through a health approach. Viewing violence as a disease, Safe Streets utilizes a model where “credible messengers” mediate and diffuse conflict by building on their relationships in the community and engaging with “high risk” individuals and situations. During last April, Timpson and his coworkers were active across the city.

The Site Director for the Safe Streets Park Heights location, James says that he has seen conditions in the city remain the same since last year. However, James says he hopes that Safe Streets can become a citywide program and continue to fight for the future of Baltimore.

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Safe Streets

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