Voices of Baltimore: Black, White and Gray

Ernest Shaw, Jr.

As a product of West Baltimore, Ernest Shaw, Jr. recognizes the challenges that come with living in poverty-stricken communities. Fueled by his love of art and with the help of his parents, he was able to finish his education and become a well-known mural artist in Baltimore City. He teaches people that art does not belong to the artist; art is interpreted through the eyes of the viewer and how they perceive it.

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As his artwork was making a positive impact in the community, he, like many others, watched the negative impact of violence and looting on every national television station in the country during Baltimore’s unrest. In an effort to provide some assistance, he participated in the clean-up efforts the following day to help restore areas that were damaged by violence.

Today, his work continues to reach residents and visitors traveling in and around the city, as a reflection of people living in those communities. Through his art, he believes he can change the behavior and minds of individuals living in underserved communities.




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