Marvin Mandel: A Complicated Life

Marvin Mandel: A Complicated Life is 30-minute documentary about the 56th governor of the State of Maryland.

Through interviews with the 93-year-old Mandel, archival film footage, radio broadcasts, and newspaper accounts during his administration, the documentary traces how Mandel shaped and reorganized Maryland government while defending himself in court - and in the court of public opinion.

Marvin Mandel

Mandel, who served 19 months in jail for mail fraud and racketeering before his sentence was commuted by President Ronald Reagan, today is widely praised for his service to the state. Mandel's conviction was overturned in 1987 and, six years later, his official portrait was hung in the Maryland State House. Today, he is credited for reorganizing and modernizing all three branches of state government.

Appearing in the MPT documentary are political figures of the day – press secretary Frank DeFilippo, Senator Ben Cardin, State Senate President Mike Miller, and former Governor Bob Ehrlich – along with media who covered the Mandel administration including WMAR-TV's Jack Bowden, former state house photographer Tom Darden and reporter Karen Hosler. Attorneys and judges from the Mandel trial era appearing in the film include federal prosecutor Ron Liebman, appeal prosecutor Martin Himeles, defense attorney Al Figinski, and prosecutor Barnet Skolnik, who was assistant U.S. attorney at the time. Mandel attorney Arnold Weiner comments in the film, as does Blair Lee, son of the lieutenant governor who took office when Gov. Mandel stepped down.