Our Town

What is "Our Town"?

The "Our Town" series is a collection of documentaries showcasing different towns across Maryland, from the Eastern Shore to the western mountains – but with a twist. Unlike a lot of historical documentaries seen on television, the "Our Town" series explores different Maryland communities through the eyes of the members of these communities.

Our Town Rockville

The latest installment in the "Our Town" series, Our Town Rockville follows on the heels of those created with the residents of Chestertown, Hagerstown and Cumberland. Find out what makes Rockville, Maryland a special place to live and work through original footage and commentary from area residents.

Watch a preview:

If you would like to receive Our Town Rockville on DVD, please visit or call 800-222-1292. This DVD is only available as a thank-you gift for supporting members of MPT. It includes 28 minutes of bonus material, with more from historian and author Eileen McGuckian, Peerless Rockville historical society, band O.A.R., and Rockville City Hall.


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