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Change everything. Love and forgive.

Forgiveness breaks the silos of a disconnected humanity.
Bonnie Wesorick

He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Resentment and hate don't fit with love and forgiveness.
Reverend Bernette Jones

Join us to explore the power of love & forgiveness, for yourself and your community!

The Campaign for Love and ForgivenessMPT's Campaign for Love and Forgiveness, launched in 2006, combines PBS programming, community activities and events, and on-line discussions to encourage contemplation and conversation about how love and forgiveness can effect meaningful change in individuals and society. Initiated by the Fetzer Institute, the campaign encourages community conversations, inviting participants to connect and share about the topics of love and forgiveness.

  • PHASE ONE (September '06—June '07) addressed the healing powers of love through a variety of broadcasts & community events.
  • PHASE TWO (September '07—June '08) focused on healing through forgiveness of oneself and others.
  • PHASE THREE (September'08—May'09) continued community conversations around love & forgiveness, and began a dialogue on race and healing.
  • PHASE FOUR (September '09-June '10) moves our campaign deeper into the topic of healing and mental wellness; all through the lens of love & forgiveness.

Seven PBS station partners, along with the American Library Association, Paper Source, and Gather.com, have partnered with the Fetzer Institute. Local station activities have included sharing personal stories of love and forgiveness on television, radio, and online; installing a red bench at a Charlotte, NC library to encourage people to take time to contemplate the role of love in their lives; and incorporating themes of love and forgiveness into the Kalamazoo Public Library's Reading Together program.

For more information about the campaign and featured films, visit www.loveandforgive.org.

Forgiveness is a voluntary act in which you make a decision to see a situation differently. Instead of getting stuck in your own emotional baggage you can now see the situation with greater wisdom and understanding.
Dr. Eileen Borris

My heart is freed because I forgive you indeed.
When I learn to forgive, I learn to live.
Thank you for the event. It offers real hope."
Phase Two kickoff attendees

What can I do? How can I bring more love & forgiveness into my world?

Join our Campaign mailing list to learn about upcoming events and activities: outreach@mpt.org.

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be loved." – George Sand

  • Write a letter to a loved one. Letter writing tips(requires Adobe Reader)
  • Hug a family member.
  • Say "thank you" with meaning.
  • Help a neighbor in need.
  • Donate your time to a cause you believe in.
  • Be present. The one thing you have for sure is this moment.
  • Find one thing to be thankful for when you wake up.
  • Find one thing to be thankful for before you go to sleep.
  • Reflect on the many ways that loving actions have changed your life.

Online Resources

  • Practices of Love & Forgiveness
  • Official Campaign for Love & Forgiveness
    Learn more about the campaign & its associated films, get tips on practicing love & forgiveness daily, advice on how to change and heal your world, suggested reading & viewing, links to related resources. Visitors to the sitecan:
    • Hear how love and forgiveness can effect meaningful change in individuals and society
    • Take part in an interactive Letting Go on-line ritual
    • Read up on happiness-inducing practices such as celebrating the happiness of another or striving for self-forgiveness
    • Learn how to plant a Garden of Love & Forgiveness to honor yourself, the Earth and its inhabitants
    • Send a powerful and affirming e-card to a loved one
    • Find the value and power of a handwritten letter
    • Order a deck of conversation cards to inspire your own discussions and actions
  • The Mystery of Love Website for first documentary of the campaign. Share your personal story of love, download clips from the film, read segment descriptions, download educators' guides and lesson plans.
  • American Library Association
  • Fetzer Institute Learn more about the Institute's other programs, publications, and their belief that efforts to address the world's critical issues must go beyond political, social, and economic strategies to their psychological and spiritual roots.
  • A Campaign for Forgiveness Research Supports scientific studies that can deepen our understanding of forgiveness and begin the process of building many different roads to reconciliation.

Need more information?

Contact us by e-mail at outreach@mpt.org or by telephone: (410) 581-4031.