Foster Care Stories

Foster Care Stories


MPT and its partners invite you to use Foster Care Stories to spark substantive discussion about the needs of the local foster care community.

The links, documents, and other materials on these pages are intended to support public community discussions on foster care. The Foster Care Stories documentary is an important tool in itself, as it provides a moving opportunity to begin dialogues around foster care in MD. On this site, you will find a vast array of resources that can help in preparing for your discussion event, and even after the conversations have ended. This film and its accompanying resources are well suited for use in a variety of settings with different audiences. We encourage you to partner with your local social services agency and other local organizations that serve foster youth and families. Consult the General Foster Care Information page to get connected to these groups to plan a Foster Care Stories screening and discussion event in your community.

Why host a screening & discussion event?

  • Raise awareness in your community about kids in foster or adoptive care
  • Encourage people to become involved help out those in need
  • To bring attention to a community-wide issue
  • Present information and resources to professionals within the human services field
  • Foster understanding and support within your student body or college campus
  • Educate others about foster care issues and present volunteer opportunities
  • Gather people together to benefit and support children and families within your community or congregation
  • Provide sensitivity training about foster parents in your workplace

Some suggested local partners and settings:

  • PTAs and school guidance counselors
  • Faith-based organizations and institutions
  • Academic departments (e.g., nursing, law, social work, public policy) and student groups at colleges, universities, community colleges, and high schools (e.g., service clubs, fraternities, sororities)
  • Civic, fraternal and business groups or clubs
  • Human services/social worker training
  • Foster/adoptive parent or volunteer recruitment and training

We invite you to share this film with others, talk about what you have seen, share your reactions and thoughts with others, and get involved to help kids and families in need. We hope you find these online resources valuable to your efforts, and we invite your feedback about this project: outreach@mpt.org.

Watch Foster Care Stories online:

Foster Care Stories: A Place to Be Foster Care Stories tells the real stories of foster youth and their families.

Community Partners

MD Department of Human Resources
St. Clair Associates
Adoptions Together
Baltimore County Department of Social Services
MD Foster Youth Resource Center
Kennedy Krieger Institute
Maryland CASA
MD Foster Parent Association

For general information on foster and adoptive care in Maryland:
Foster Care Information Hotline 888-MDKIDS2 or 888-635-4372

Documentary underwritten, in part, by The Annie E. Casey Foundation. Community outreach made possible through the generous support of the Freddie Mac Foundation.

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