Artworks Season 1

promo boxEpisode 101
January 10, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Artists include an aerial photographer, visual artist, exiled Iraqi poet, renowned pianist.


promo boxEpisode 102
January 17, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Bobby Vee, a Muslim hip hop dancer, wood sculptor, Mary Poppins' Richard Sherman.


promo boxEpisode 103
January 24, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Highlights children's book illustrator, Medieval weapons craftsman, photographer of American West, beatbox artist.


promo boxEpisode 104
January 31, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Artists include a photographer to Prince and politicians, exiled Iraqi painter, the Plaza Hotel's famed Persian Room, an experimental musician.


promo boxEpisode 105
February 14, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Showcases an experimental harmonica player; Diane von Furstenberg, famous fashion designer; an artist of the intricate mundane; and a poet's ode to film star Bruce Lee.


promo boxEpisode 106
February 21, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Discover a banjo-playing sculptor, an exiled Russian painter, a mosaic maker in Harlem, and a poet in exile.


promo boxEpisode 107
February 28, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Visit the studio of Jol Dantzig, master guitar-maker; explore tapestries woven with the symbols of heritage; a stamp art competition – who knew? And a refugee finds her voice in a memoir.


promo boxEpisode 108
March 7, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

David Geffen, the genius producer of recording stars; a guitar-maker par excellence; John Sayles, film director of the everyday eccentric; a divinely inspired painter.


promo boxEpisode 109
March 21, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Clarinetist David Krakauer synthesizes Klezmer music with jazz; discover a classic Volkswagon Beetle studded with Huichol beads; "Soultime at the Apollo" celebrates the famous theater; Melinda Watts, Gospel super star.


promo boxEpisode 110
March 28, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Charismatic dancer-choreographer Jennifer Nugent; David Garibaldi demonstrates "Performance Painting;" small scale "Intimate Opera" reaches new audiences; and Michael Spiro, drummer of diverse chops.


promo boxEpisode 111
April 4, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

A new twist on 18th C. glitter Queen Marie Antoinette; people flow and the Architecture of Flight; color rebel and landscape painter Gregory Kondos; playful bronzes of NYC subway artist.


promo boxEpisode 112
April 11, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Stage production Kite Runner immerses us in cosmopolitan Kabul of the 1970's; Baltimore-based Chesapeake Shakespeare Company with a modern twist; a sharp-witted interview with Goosebumps author R.L. Stine who highlights his new book for grownups; and survivor photographer Daniel Rebert clicks on in the battle for his life.


Watch the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company segment:


promo boxEpisode 113
April 18, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Director Edward Burns (The Brothers McMullen) on his fiercely independent filmmaking career; actor Gloria Rueben talks about her transformative role as Mary Todd Lincoln's dressmaker in Lincoln; a visit to the workshop of the costume designer who dressed the cast of Broadway revival Annie the Musical.


promo boxEpisode 114
April 25, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Who legend Pete Townsend talks about art school and smashing guitars; life-sized equine puppetry in the War Horse stage production touring America; West African found art by renowned artist El Anatsui; iconic Pop artist Andy Warhol and his legacy in the avant-garde today.


Baker Artist 2013The 2013 Baker Artist Awards: An Artworks Special
May 2, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

A visual feast for the eyes as host Rhea Feikin interviews the three $25,000 Award winners and presents profiles of their works featuring a range of visual and performing arts, providing audiences with an exciting window onto the region's creative vitality. The live announcement of each year's winners of the three Awards — exclusively during the MPT Special – has grown into a highly anticipated cultural event in itself.


Episode 115Episode 115
May 9, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Meet Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens; visit the New York Botanical Garden's annual Holiday Train show; explore the handwritten letters of famous composers like Mozart at the Shubert Club; and meet Israeli artist Ori Gersht who explodes classical conventions of beauty.


Episode 116Episode 116
May 16, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Jessica Fellowes' interview about her first-hand companion book to the Downton Abbey series; Rob McClure who plays Charlie Chaplin on Broadway; the intricate 3-D landscapes of Gregory Euclid; visit students at Pratt Institute working on sustainable innovation.


Episode 117Episode 117
May 23, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

The Countess of Carnavon invites us to Highclere Castle, where Downton is filmed; a feisty interview with best-selling romance writer Nora Roberts; a visit to the workshop of Allen Christian where trash becomes treasure; protégé opera tenor Aaron Casey.


Episode 118Episode 118
May 30, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Painter Michael Birawer who makes whimsical 3-D cityscapes; a visit to the "War/Photography" exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston; a behind-the-scenes conversation with the wig designer for "Annie: The Musical," an interview with Eve Ensler, playwright of "The Vagina Monologues."


Episode 120Episode 120
June 13, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Gripping excerpts of Hamlet and The Tempest from the innovative PBS Shakespeare Uncovered series; Richard Birkett, self-described "Master of the Universe," on his eccentric workshop of Fantasy Clocks; an extended interview with Ang Lee, Director of Academy award-winning film, Life of Pi.


Episode 121Episode 121
June 20, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Underwater photographer Rhea Pappas explores feminine freedom under the surface; Sculpture Michael Heizer levitates a massive granite boulder at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art; author Carol Wallace, whose book inspired the creators of PBS's Downton Abbey; up-and-coming painter Tim Collom and his colorfully expressive landscapes.


Episode 122Episode 122
June 27, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Exploring the creative origins and hard work behind Vincent Van Gogh's masterpieces; interview with rising band Jukebox the Ghost from MPT's Concert for the Bay; the quirky masking tape sculptures of Danny Scheible; discover a new film about the art of the knuckleball.


Episode 123Episode 123
July 11, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Artists from across the country include Eric Meek, a master glass-blower, the Menil collection in Houston, known for its eclectic art; David Korins, the mind behind the sets in "Annie: the Musical" and other Broadway shows and pop singer-songwriter Sheri Miller.


Episode 124Episode 124
July 18, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

The Quay brothers' surreal stop-motion films; mysterious color reduction printmaking techniques of Emily Gray Koehler; photographer A.D. Wheeler seeks out abandoned and even dangerous ruins to shoot beautiful photographs, and interview with the new Executive Director of the American Folk Art Museum in New York.


Episode 125Episode 125
July 25, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Exploring the Rosie Herrera Dance Theatre which combines caberet, hip-hop and drag queens; discover metal artist Jaydan Moore who captures metal-memory; visit an exhibit of Art of the 80s while Photographer Jim McHugh captures images of disappearing Los Angeles.


Episode 126Episode 126
August 1, 2013 • WATCH ONLINE

Featuring choreographer for big Broadway shows like "Annie," Rembrandt at the Milwaukee Art Museum, jazz-animator Tom Schroeder, and "Zarkana," the fantastical new show by Cirque du Soleil.