Maryland Farm & Harvest: Episode 210
Premiere air date: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 at 7pm on MPT-HD
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Episode Description
  • The Lippy Brothers operate one of the largest grain farms in the stateā€”a family business that they've grown over the course of a century. Their secret to longevity? Chalk it up to two things: family ties and diversification.
  • MotorWeek's John Davis is going for a test drive like never before! He's putting a brand-new tractor from Atlantic Tractor in Queen Anne through the paces, then he's taking a look under the hood.
  • The first in a four-part series on the economics of grain farming; meet Queen Anne's County farmer Keith Leaverton and find out how he fits into to a global commodities market. Supply and demand around the world impacts Keith and what he decides to plant.
  • The Local Buy: Are duck eggs all they're quacked up to be? Al Spoler says they are!

Production stills from episode 210

Seed Tumbler

This week's thingamajig was used as a way to help farmers make themselves a custom seed blend. It was used to mix together two types of seeds or more.