Maryland Farm & Harvest: Episode 214
Premiere air date: Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 7pm on MPT-HD
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Episode Description

This special episode explores the complex economics of grain farming.

  • Meet Queen Anne's County farmer Keith Leaverton and find out how he fits into to a global commodities market. Supply and demand around the world impacts Keith and what he decides to plant.
  • Then, follow Keith as he visits a grain elevator on the eastern shore. When farmers bring their grain to an elevator-like Nagel Farm Service-they're sending it on the way to be a part of a global market.
  • Next, Maryland Farm and Harvest" is on the road. Find out what a Chicago skyscraper has to do with Maryland farming-and what all of us pay for food.
  • Finally, find out what global corporation is bringing Maryland wheat to a mall near you!
Corn Shock Tier

In the days before combines, this contraption was used to bundle together stalks of corn (known as a "shock") so they could be left out in the field to dry.