Maryland Farm & Harvest: Episode 306

Premiere air date: Tuesday, December 15, 2015 at 7pm on MPT-HD

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Episode Description

  • The Maryland Hunt Cup is a tradition that’s remained relatively unchanged throughout its 119-year history. This year, the highs and lows of the race are especially apparent, as jockey Bethany Baumgardner gives it her all after a heartbreakingly close second-place finish the year before.
  • With cart after cart filled with brightly-colored local produce, it’s easy to get distracted at the Loveville Produce Auction in St. Mary’s County. But owners of farm stands and groceries need to pay close attention if they don’t want to be outbid.
  • Jay and Wayne McGinnis of Baltimore County know that running a successful farm is the same as running a successful business. Economic concerns are always at the forefront of the family’s decisions, whether they’re choosing what crops to plant or what equipment to buy.
  • Then & Now: Steeplechase



Side Saddle Stirrup

Women used to ride side saddle because it was considered immodest for them to ride astride. This stirrup breaks open if the rider falls, so she wouldn’t get dragged along with the horse.