Maryland Farm & Harvest: Episode 312

Premiere air date: Tuesday, January 26, 2016 at 7pm on MPT-HD

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Episode Description

  • Farmer Jason Scott of Walnut Hill Farms in Dorchester County raises grain, runs a seed dealership, and travels the world representing U.S. wheat growers. He takes time out to explain how he tests the seeds he sells to ensure customers are getting a good product.
  • Genetically Modified Organisms, commonly referred to as “GMOs” are a controversial topic. One thing nearly everyone can agree on is that consumers need more education. To find out more, we visit a lab in Nebraska where GMOs are created, and talk with a farmer in Maryland who grows both GM and non-GM crops.
  • You might not have realized it, but you’ve probably seen the work of Perennial Farm in Baltimore County. They provide ornamental natives for stadiums, hotels and other public spaces up and down the East Coast.
  • The Local Buy: Al Spoler learns how to make a new farm suitable for pasture and samples the Berkshire hogs at Mary’s Land Farm in Howard County.

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Two-Wheeled Seed Planter

This seed planter was used to sow seeds on small areas of land. The seeds were placed into the can. As the planter was rolled along a field, the seeds would drop out into the soil.