Maryland Farm & Harvest: Episode 401

Premiere air date: Tuesday, November 15, 2016 at 7pm on MPT-HD

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  • To kick off the season, we're headed west: Western Maryland, that is! We'll meet Washington County farmer Mark Reed of the Triple R Bull Company, who breeds bucking bulls for rodeo competitions. Ride along as Mark evaluates the young bulls—looking for which of them have the intensity to make it in the sport, and which don't.
  • Bobby Hutchison's farm in Talbot County is under surveillance. For the past decade, scientists have been using satellites to monitor his farm fields—learning valuable information about what works—and what doesn't—when it comes to farming sustainably.
  • Host Joanne Clendining travels to Briar Branch Alpaca Farm in St. Mary's County to discover why Incas placed a higher value on alpaca fiber than on silver or gold—and why 30 alpaca farms have popped up in Maryland since the mid-90s. Farmer Dana Russell shows Joanne how she combines agriculture and artistry to create high-end finished products.
  • The Local Buy: Al Spoler introduces us to the Yoders, a tech-savvy Amish family in Garrett County known for growing hydroponic tomatoes.
  • Then & Now: Seed Industry

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Bull Tongs

Farmers use bull tongs to lead cattle or pull open their mouths to check their teeth. The ball tips are put in the bull's nostrils. A chain or rope goes though the holes in the handle to keep the tongs closed.