Maryland Farm & Harvest: Episode 409

Premiere air date: Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 7pm on MPT-HD

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Episode Description

  • Some lambs are destined for your plate, some for your sweaters, and some—like those raised at Rill Family Club Lambs in Hampstead—are destined for the fair. Meet Brad Rill and his family and find out what it takes to produce a winning show lamb.
  • Colin O'Meara is a Carroll County farmer who doesn't come from a farming background, but has still managed to break into the business. It's not easy—land can be hard to come by, and the equipment needed to farm grain is expensive. Learn how Colin has managed to grow Stone Valley Farm in Westminster—against the odds.
  • Farmer Billy Caulk is suffering through the hot summer weather with very long hair—working long hours in the field raising produce at Pine Grove Farm—but he's doing it for a good cause. After months of growing it out, Billy makes a big change one Sunday morning at the Baltimore Farmer's Market. For more information about Locks of Love, visit:
  • The Local Buy: Jack King of Ridgely is at the age where some people retire. Instead, this former dairy farmer—who also works for the Natural Resources Conservation Services—has started an organic berry farm.
  • Then & Now: Then & Now: Victory Gardens
  • For more information about the Maryland State Fair, visit:

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Foot Trimming Stool

This foot trimming stool was used to chisel the hooves of cows and bulls so they could walk correctly and comfortably.