Maryland Farm & Harvest: Episode 411

Premiere air date: Tuesday, January 24, 2017 at 7pm on MPT-HD

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Episode Description

  • Chicken manure is abundant on Maryland's Eastern Shore, where millions of chickens are raised each year. Murphy Farms in Rhodesdale is the first Maryland poultry operation to install cutting-edge technology developed in Ireland that aims to get rid of it by using it as fuel to heat the farm's chicken houses and generating electricity.
  • Jeff Holloway, of the Holloway Brothers Farm in Darlington invites viewers to ride along as they explain the process of harvesting a funny-looking crop covering Maryland farm fields in the fall.
  • Just Ordinary Woodlands in Worchester Co. are anything but ordinary. For starters, their crop—trees—take decades to mature.
  • Al Spoler finds out that good things can indeed come in small packages while visiting a profitable farm— located in one small room inside a Baltimore City Rowhome.
  • Then & Now: Logging

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Logging Cant Hook

This is a logging cant hook that was used as a lever to handle and move logs. Cant hooks have their origins in the logging industry, but they are also used by arborists, tree care professionals, and sawmill operators.