Maryland Farm & Harvest: Episode 506

Premiere air date: Tuesday, December 19, 2017 at 7pm on MPT-HD

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Episode Description

  • When Harford County Christmas tree farmer Boyd Saulsbury died of cancer in February 2016, his family didn't know how they'd get the farm ready for the next Christmas season without him. His 20-year- old son, Brandon, always thought he'd take over the reins of Jarrettsville Nurseries, but didn't think it would be so soon. Luckily, Brandon and his family didn't have to work alone. Farmers from around their community joined in to help them prepare for the upcoming influx of Christmas tree customers.
  • Farmers don't get much downtime, and that's especially true for Charles County farmer Chip Bowling. As the current chairman of the National Corn Growers Association, he helps represent the interests of corn growers across the country through policy work and lobbying. And on top of that, he manages his own grain operation at Bunker Hill Farm.
  • At Greenstreet Gardens in Anne Arundel County, Ray Greenstreet grows just about every ornamental plant you can think of. But not all of these plants are destined for your typical planter. Some are used in vertical installations known as "living walls." We get a behind-the- scenes look at one of these installations as the Greenstreet Gardens team assembles the biggest living wall in the Washington, D.C. region.
  • The Local Buy: Al Spoler travels to Larriland Farm in Howard County to meet the farm family behind the popular pick your own destination.
  • Then & Now: Christmas Tree Farms

Production stills



Leg Corn Cutter

This is a leg corn cutter, used to cut down stalks of corn. The farmer would attach it to his shoe, strap it around his calf, and kick to cut down the stalk.

Leg Corn CutterLeg Corn Cutter

Thingamajig provided by the Howard County Living Farm Heritage Museum.