Maryland Farm & Harvest: Episode 513

Premiere air date: Tuesday, February 6, 2018 at 7pm on MPT-HD

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Episode Description

  • Despite the renewed interest in eating local, one in five foods is still imported, giving American consumers access to a stunning variety of foods at all times of the year. But each time we import a foreign food item, there’s a chance it could contain an exotic pest that could put our farms at risk. The same goes for agricultural products air travelers bring back from overseas, which is why U.S. Customs and Border Protection has a division devoted entirely to agriculture. This segment follows inspectors at the Port of Baltimore and at BWI Airport, where a dog named Beazley, part of the CBP’s Beagle Brigade, helps check passengers’ bags.
  • WEB EXTRA: Beagle Detective

  • Crellin Elementary School in Garrett County is putting the “garden” in kindergarten with an on-campus farm that helps supplement curriculum for all grade levels. Students learn to care for animals and plants as part of this innovative program.
  • The Local Buy: Al Spoler visits Nick’s Organic Farm in Frederick County to sample a variety of corn that, until recently, was nearly extinct.
  • Then & Now: Shipping Grain

Production stills




Farmers used flails to thresh grain starting in ancient times. They remained the main threshing tool until the mid-19th century, when mechanical threshers became widespread. Farmers held the flail by the long rod and swung it at a pile of grain. The short end hit the pile, separating the grain from its husk.


Thingamajig provided by the Howard County Living Farm Heritage Museum.