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Episode 2701: November 11, 2014

To Trap a Raptor

To trap a raptor

A rare irruption of the Snowy Owl brings this arctic bird of prey to Assateague Island, with DNR Biologist Dave Brinker hot on its trail.

Walking Over Winter

Although deep snow has hidden your favorite trails, don't cancel the hike… strap on some snow shoes!

Cub Scouts

Biologists survey black bear cubs newly born in Maryland.

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Episode 2702: November 18, 2014

The Invasive Chase

The invasive chase

The intrusive Snakehead fish... it is tracked by officials, hunted by anglers, and grilled by gourmet chefs.

Chesapeake Treasure Hunt

The Bay has transformed discarded bottles from decades past into smooth, glittering gems.

Battle for the Beach

As the Atlantic Ocean erodes the coast, beach replenishment methods push back against the tide.

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Episode 2703: November 25, 2014

Charm in the Middle

Charm in the Middle

Smith Island is the perfect getaway for peace, quiet, and genuine Chesapeake charm!

Out of Time

Once expected to replace Fort McHenry, Fort Carroll now sits nearly forgotten in the mouth of the Patapsco River; overgrown and a refuge for colonial nesting birds.

Parker's Last Stand

Uncovering a pristine War of 1812 battlefield beneath a Kent County farm.

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