Addiction & Recovery Programs

February 7-9, 2018

Addiction & Recovery MPT's special programs on Addiction & Recovery uncover the perils of addiction and highlight stories of hope and recovery in the opioid crisis. By sharing the personal, firsthand experiences of addicts and their loved ones, MPT hopes to replace misguided conceptions about addiction with compassion for those whose lives are devastated by it, while proving that recovery can be reality.

Understanding the Opioid Epidemic

Wednesday, February 7 at 10pm on MPT2

Witness stories of people and communities affected by the opioid epidemic, along with information from experts and those on the front lines. Learn how the nation got into this situation and hear possible solutions and directions for dealing with the crisis.

Understanding the Opioid Epidemic Trailer

Maryland's Opioid Crisis: Strength and Shame

Thursday, February 8 at 10pm on MPT

Abuse of heroin, prescription painkillers and other opioids has claimed thousands of lives in Maryland over the last decade. Capital News Service's ViewFinder visual storytelling team spent a year in Anne Arundel County documenting the problem.

America Addicted

Friday, February 9 at 9:30pm on MPT

MPT presents a compilation of PBS Newshour's opioid epidemic series with local interviews with addiction experts, hosted by Jeff Salkin.