Hidden Rivers

30 Minutes, 2011
Release Date: 4/21/13
Rights: 5 plays through 12/31/13

Each time it rains, millions of gallons of rainwater pour into subterranean pipes, surface concrete culverts, and ditches. The water and everything in it – chemicals, petroleum products and other pollutants – is drained from paved surfaces into a huge network of pipes that dumps it into streams, rivers, and creeks that feed into the Chesapeake Bay. This extraordinary web-like network of subterranean and unseen manmade rivers also carries an overlooked but major pollutant: sediment. Soil and other organic debris from roads, parking lots, driveways, construction sites and many other sources all contribute to the pollution of the bay and its many tributaries.

Hidden Rivers, an MPT documentary special, explores storm water runoff's impact on the bay and measures being considered and implemented to help solve the problems associated with sediment pollution.

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