Maryland Farm & Harvest

An episode from an energetic weekly series that helps connect consumers with how their food is grown. From grain to cheese and chickens, viewers are introduced to farmers and others who help feed the world. Farmers proudly describe their conservation practices which help keep waste and chemicals on the farm and out of our waterways.

Panora Acres - Harry Sellers is a 4th generation farmer who's committed to helping clean up waterways. By using conservation practices like nutrient management, Harry and his father have seen noticeable changes on the farm and its ecosystem. Harry takes us on an in-depth tour of the farm, from manure storage to quiet streams, pointing out some of their sophisticated and fairly simple conservation methods.

Chesapeake Greenhouse - Greenhouse owner John Maniscalco grows 10 different types of lettuce in a uniquely controlled environment. By using hydroponics, John gets the most out of every crop while having zero impact on the bay or local waterways. He shows how his lettuce goes from seed to sale, 12 months of the year and explains why local chefs are clamoring for it.

Blessing of the Combines - The small, rural community of Snow Hill is home to about 2,000 people. They may not all be farmers, but this farming community, like many others, has cultivated a deep respect for the men and women who work the land. What is truly unique about Snow Hill is the way citizens of all ages show that respect. Before the giant machines roll down Main Street, a local priest offers the 'blessing of the combines'—in the midst of a jubilant celebration of the harvest and heritage.

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