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Primal Grill® with Steven Raichlen-Special Edition joins Steven and hosts Donald Thoms and Yolanda Vazquez in the studio for a look at some of our favorite recipes and a chance to hear Steven's thoughts on his five-year journey to discover the roots of live-fire cooking. Raichlen's involvement with barbecue came, as he says, "from a simple realization. Grilling is the world's oldest cooking method, it's the world's most universal cooking method, but people do it differently in every country." 53 countries and 5 continents later, Raichlen was "no longer a tourist," but part of the story. These journeys eventually produced, his new book, Planet Barbecue.

The recipes from these 60 and 30 minute pledge offerings were inspired by this quest and an opportunity for stations to get a jump on the barbecue season and the excitement of a new book from Steven Raichlen. Planet Barbecue will feature write-ups of each country and how barbecue fits into its culture and include profiles of the world's best master grillers and their gear, with step-by-step, full-color photos.

As a pledge incentive, the premiums include, Secret Recipes from Primal Grill® with Steven Raichlen and a spice sample, Steven's All Purpose Barbecue Rub. The booklet includes, behind the scene photos of shooting on location plus 15 recipes, with personal observations by Steven. Ever wonder which recipe gives our TV crew the energy to carry on? Or what Steven eats when he's in Martha's Vineyard? They're here in this booklet. These two items are free with various pledge levels and exclusive to ptv pledge.

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