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Just as music was once recorded on wax cylinders, which gave way to spinning disks, and eventually to digital compact disks… so is the process of shooting a movie on film slowly being replaced with digital cameras and storage devices. For the industry, it's been every bit as dramatic -- and traumatic -- as when computers began to replace our typewriters, newspapers and even the letters and bills in our mailboxes.

Side by Side host/producer Keanu Reeves takes the average movie-goer on a behind-the-scenes tour of film sets and into editing bays with unprecedented access to influential filmmakers like Martin Scorsese, Steven Soderbergh, George Lucas, James Cameron and many other luminaries of modern cinema. As they debate digital film technology, viewers will also enjoy a rare glimpse into how some of the coolest gee-whiz moments in film were created… many with the aid of digital technology. But the film is not all pro-digital propaganda – we also meet the skeptics who stand in praise of good old fashioned celluloid. It's an enchanted look behind the curtain in an industry already jam-packed with magic.

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