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Welcome to the fantastic world of Stardust Bay – the imaginative home of the Space Racers!  This new, animated series geared toward preschool children offers a universe of fun for the entire family!  Enjoy stunning computer-generated imagery, real space sounds and images, and exciting storylines that teach exploration, investigation, observation and teamwork.

The world class creative team for Space Racers includes:  Director Mark Risley (Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys), Head Writer Allan Neuwirth (Martha Speaks, Between the Lions, Cyberchase and Arthur), and Composer/Songwriter Jody Gray (Courage the Cowardly Dog, Clifford, and Abby’s Flying Fairy School).  Series creators partnered with scientists at NASA, who helped develop a balanced curriculum and reviewed every script to create highly-engaging and scientifically accurate lessons.  NASA also supplied subject matter experts and astronauts who will appear in various segments. 

Each episode will include live interstitials showing children taking part in real science lessons based on program content.  These segments take place at such incredible locations as NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center and Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.  Space Racers also offers a comprehensive educational experience through the supporting website with games, activities and lesson plans for parents, caretakers, and educators.

Space Racers presents an excellent opportunity to stimulate interest in STEM learning at a very early age, and will help inspire our next generation of scientists and engineers!

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Season 1 Episode Descriptions (.pdf)
About Space Racers (.pdf)
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Space Racers Rules for Referencing NASA (.pdf)
Space Racers Brand Language (.pdf)
Local Press Release Template (.docx)
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Space Racers Logo
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 Space Racers
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Space Racers Full Page
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Space News Host, Maya
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Space News Host, Maya
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Episode #101 - Animation 1
"Where Are We?" (.jpg)
 Episode #101 - Animation 2
"Starling DSV" (.jpg)
Episode #102 - Animation 1
"Total Eclipse" (.jpg)
Episode #102 - Animation 2
"Fly Like an Eagle" (.jpg)
Episode #103 - Animation 1
"Star Signs" (.jpg) 
Episode #103 - Animation 2
"Vulture's Volcano" (.jpg)
Episode #104 - Animation 1
"Mars Canyon Race" (.jpg)
Episode #104 - Animation 2
 Episode #105 - Animation 1
"Ace Space Reporter"
Episode #105 - Animation 2
"Above and Beyond"

Episode #106 - Animation 1
"Eyes on the Prize"
Episode #106 - Animation 2
"Mine, Mine, Mine!"
Episode #107 - Animation 1
"Asteroids, Platinum Edition"
Episode #107 - Animation 2
"Lunar Base Blackout"
Episode #108 - Animation 1
"Cranberry Crater"
Episode #108 - Animation 2
"Dodo in Distress"
Episode #109 - Animation 1
"Sick Day"
Episode #109 - Animation 2
"Good Old Coot"
Episode #110 - Animation 1
"Robyn's Winter Break"
Episode #110 - Animation 2
"Three's a Crowd"
Episode #111 - Animation 1
"Mars Map Mystery"
Episode #111 - Animation 2
"Sweet Spot"
Episode #112 - Animation 1
"Careering Off Course"
Episode #112 - Animation 2
Episode #113 - Animation 1
"Hawk's Day"
Episode #113 - Animation 2
"Satellite Starling"
Episode #114 - Animation 1
"Fearless Flyers"
 Episode #114 - Animation 2
"Hawk's Valentine"
Episode #115 - Animation 1
"Space Racer Storm Chaser"
 Episode #115 - Animation 2
"(N)ice Work If You Can Get It"
 Episode #116 - Animation 1
"A Simple Re-Quest"
Episode #116 - Animation 2
"Hiding on Hyperion"
Episode #117 - Animation 1
"RoboCoach XL-5"
 Episode #117 - Animation 2
"Trail Blazers"
Episode #118 - Animation 1
"Dome Grown"
 Episode #118 - Animation 2
"Dance Lessons"
Episode #119 - Animation 1
Episode #119 - Animation 2
"Here Comes the Sun"
Episode #120 - Animation 1
"Starling: Space Racer!"
 Episode #120 - Animation 2
"Titanic Trip"
Episode #121 - Animation 1
"Starling Discovers the Moon"
Episode #121 - Animation 2
"Three Racers and a Robot"
Episode #122 - Animation 1
"Tight Squeeze"
 Episode #122 - Animation 2
"AVA Retires"
Episode #123 - Animation 1
"Vulture's Statue"
Episode #123- Animation 2
"Follow the Water"
Episode #124 - Animation 1
"Watch This Space"
Episode #124 - Animation 2
"The Hawk Factor"
Episode #125 - Animation 1
"Hawk's On It"
Episode #125 - Animation 2
"Ace Space Reporter" (Encore)
 Episode #126 - Animation 1
"Communication Breakdown"
 Episode #126 - Animation 2
"Total Eclipse" (Encore)