Storyline is a 90 minute film anthology series, produced by Maryland Public Television, that curates topical, relevant and timely environmental films produced by independent filmmakers. This episode includes five films about conservation topics from around the world

Vey Nou Lagon follows a traditional artisanal fisherman and his family as they tell us the story of the Mauritian lagoons and show us the current state of the ocean.

Waterman explores one veteran man’s look back on his days as a Chesapeake fisherman and his belief that things must change radically to save North America’s largest estuary.

Saba: The Unspoiled Queen showcases an island nation that the filmmaker says should be looked upon by the rest of the world as a model of conservation excellence.

Add One Back is the story of why one vegetarian decides to add aquaculture oysters to his diet. As the foundation of the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem, oyster populations now total less than one percent of historic numbers. The filmmaker believes that aquaculture oysters play a key role in filtering the Bay’s nutrient, sediment and pollution.

The Ballad of Holland Island House is a short animation made with an innovative clay-painting technique in which a thin layer of oil-based clay comes to vibrant life frame by frame. Animator Lynn Tomlinson tells the true story of the last house on a sinking island in the Chesapeake Bay. Told from the house’s point of view, this film is a soulful and haunting view of the impact of sea-level rise.


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