The Chesapeake Bay Summit 2018

The Bay Summit: Charting Course

Maryland Public Television is proud to present another chapter in our on-going effort to help support and preserve one of the nation’s most significant bodies of water. Host Frank Sesno* once again drives a compelling conversation in this one-hour forum that will delve into the polarizing subjects of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise. Is Climate Change real? Or as some believe, is it merely a hoax perpetrated on the public by scientists and foreign governments? If it is real, what is the evidence and what will the short- and long-term impacts?

The Chesapeake Bay Summit continues to explore the critical questions facing local and national agencies about how we preserve our vital waterways in a time when some of the essential regulations, that used to protect them, are disappearing. How can states continue to properly regulate and enforce policies? How will officials be able to meet the federal mandate to clean up our waterways?

The Chesapeake Bay Summit 2018 assembles some of the world’s foremost experts on the issue of Climate Change and Sea Level rise who will separate fact from fiction that continues to confuse a large segment of the population. They will also discuss what has and has not worked, as well as what successful strategies can be used to move forward.

Frank Sesno is a former CNN correspondent, anchor and Washington bureau chief, and Director of the School of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University.



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Photos from the 2017 Summit

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