Tomorrow's Homes Today

30 Minutes, 2013
Release Date: 4/24/13
Rights: 5 plays through 12/31/13

Two students are on a mission. In preparation for the Solar Decathlon, a competition to build an affordable and attractive sustainable home, they are in search of the greenest technologies in the area. Rich and textured architectural images combine with dynamic graphics and interviews to showcase the ins and outs of sustainable living. Amanda and Craig are hard at work designing their entry with fellow students. But while it's one thing to sit in a room and theoretically talk about green technologies to make their home sustainable, it's quite another to go out and see those technologies in practice. What works, and what doesn't? What is economical, feasible, and doesn't involve living like a caveman? More importantly, what does sustainable living look like? There's only one way to find out. And fortunately for the students, the area full of places to look.

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Passive House