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Artworks Season 8: It's a Wrap

It’s been a season of surprises and change and Artworks is excited about the opportunities for next season. Meanwhile, tune-in on Fridays at 7:30pm to catch any episodes you may have missed. And read on for this season’s highlights and a peek at next season’s creative adventures.

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• Repeats Sundays at 6:30am on MPT-HD & Saturdays at 8:00pm on MPT2/CREATE

The New Artworks

New Season 9. Rhea Feikin has retired with an unmatched legacy. We’re seizing the opportunity to revamp the series, experiment with a variety of formats, introduce our new Host, and go LOCAL!

The new Artworks will focus on local and regional artists working in a remarkable range of individualized genres: dance, performance, literary arts, visual arts, vocals, music, film & video and inter-disciplinary works not easy to define. Originality is the key. We explore the creative process with a variety of evolving and hybrid show formats, including:

Studio talks with performances. Host Wendel Patrick engages artists in freewheeling conversations about all things creative interwoven with video profiles and/or live performances. See Episode 821 for a preview of this new format!

A Day in the Life of an Artist. On-location excursion exploring the day-by-day creative journey of a select theatre artist, musician, visual artist, animator or filmmaker. En route we encounter his or her circle of followers, students and creative collaborators as well as hidden gems of galleries, music venues, literary cafes.

Profiles on a Theme: Artists working in diverse media & genres explore one common theme such as improvisation, story-telling, inspiration, technology, emotion, color, layering, and more. A creative prism.

Specials: Quarterly celebrations: concerts, behind-the-scenes openings, in-depth profiles.


Wendel Patrick has been referred to as “David Foster Wallace reincarnated as a sound engineer” by Urbanite Magazine and as “wildly talented” by the Baltimore Sun. He has been referred to by XLR8R magazine as “a hip-hop producer that could easily make any fan of Squarepusher, Boards of Canada, or Madlib flip out.” In the February 2018 issue of Baltimore Magazine, Wendel Patrick was named one of 30 Baltimore Visionaries, calling him “one of the most influential and omnipresent figures in the local arts scene”.

The alter ego of classical and jazz pianist Kevin Gift, Wendel Patrick is rapidly making a name for himself as a producer to be recognized. With five solo albums to his credit, he is equally at home behind two turntables, beatboxing, improvising, or playing a Mozart Concerto on stage with an orchestra. He is a co-founder of the Baltimore Boom Bap Society along with Erik Spangler, and co-creator along with Aaron Henkin of “Out of the Blocks”, the Edward R. Murrow award winning documentary radio program that has aired on WYPR, PRX, NPR and The BBC. Mr. Patrick is a recipient of the 2015 Baker Artist Awards’ Mary Sawyers Baker grand prize, and was a professor of music at Loyola University Maryland for eleven years.

He is currently an Assistant Professor of Music Engineering & Technology at the Peabody Conservatory of Music. His classes include “Hip Hop Music Production: History and Practice," the first course of its kind to be taught at a major traditional music conservatory anywhere in the United States.

What Else Is New


Artworks is launching STIRcrazy, a new web-based initiative devoted to YOUR creative endeavors during this time of COVID-19 -- and beyond. Part of the Artworks website, STIRcrazy will be a portal gallery with links to artists' work which is posted on their own Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube pages or personal websites.

The Artworks STIRcrazy webpage will feature artists working in every genre. We'll launch this gallery page when we receive a critical mass of submissions.


Best of Season 8

Aired Friday, October 9, 7:30pm


Meet the 2020 Baker Artist Awardees and get a sneak preview of our new Artworks Host, Wendel Patrick, who brings a dynamic and contemporary flair to the production.

Funder Acknowledgement
Artworks is made possible in part by the Citizens of Baltimore County. And by: The Ruth R. Marder Arts Endowment Fund, The Robert E. Meyerhoff and Rheda Becker Endowment for the Arts, The E.T. & Robert B. Rocklin Fund, and The Henry and Ruth Blaustein Rosenberg Foundation Arts Endowment in Memory of Ruth Marder.