On-Air Pledge Volunteering

On-Air Pledge Volunteering

You and/or your group's appearance on MPT provides a genuine public service. You'll help bring in critical dollars from your fellow citizens that MPT applies to its on-air, online, and in community activities. It's no exaggeration to say that funds earned by our pledge drives supports wholesome children's programming, stunning entertainment specials, classroom education, and community outreach of all kinds. Beyond fulfilling your organization's commitment to community service, volunteering during a live pledge break gives you an effective way of having your group's name mentioned — and your generosity noted — for the TV audience several times during each "break" from pledge programming. In fact, your organization's name is also displayed on-screen for our viewers, and your organization will receive a live, stand-up interview with your group representative. MPT will also display your company logo during "breaks" on the studio monitor so that viewers will see it.

What do on-air pledge volunteers do?

Following a brief training session, your representatives will sit in MPT's studio at workstations equipped with a telephone, laptop, and pledge materials. Volunteers answer incoming phone calls from across the region during 4-6 pledge breaks (8-15 minutes at a time) throughout a 4-6 hour shift. Volunteers do absolutely no outbound calling, telemarketing, or other solicitation. Throughout your volunteer shift, your representatives will be invited to enjoy complimentary refreshments in MPT's Visitors Center. Sorry, no food, beverages, or gum are allowed in the studio, and, of course, no smoking is allowed within our building or studios.

How many pledge volunteers are required for group participation?

We recommend 15-20 representatives. To make sure you have sufficient representatives to meet the crew requirement, we suggest that you recruit at least three additional individuals who can fill in for you in the event of a last-minute cancellation by any of your volunteers.

Composition of your group

You are invited to bring members of your organization, their spouses and friends, and children age 18 or older. We regret that we are unable to offer any childcare facility or personnel to enable children to wait for parents. At all times, persons on the studio set will be representing your organization, so you'll want to exercise the same care in lining up your volunteers as you do when your group meets the general public in the normal course of your business activities. If you wish, all members of your group may wear an organization shirt or jacket or some other identification. Please note that the studio temperature is typically cool.

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