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Maryland-themed Learning Activities

Maryland Champions of FreedomMaryland's Champions of Freedom
In Maryland, the crusaders to end slavery included two abolitionists, Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman. In this social studies literacy activity, students learn about the purpose of and difference between primary and secondary sources using resources related to the lives of Harriet Tubman and Frederick Douglass.

Saving Smith IslandSaving Smith Island
Erosion, shallow waters and the dwindling bay. What's happening to this historic island in Maryland? Students explore and examine data, watch web videos and conduct research in this science-themed literacy activity culminating in a written project about the future of Smith Island.

Dive into a water-filled learning adventure to study the science of the Chesapeake Bay. Thinkport's award-winning online field trip Bayville, brings out the explorer in every student through virtual lab experiments, a tour of bay habitats, online games, and skill-building activities.

Exploring Maryland's RootsExploring Maryland's Roots
Explore colonial Maryland history through 12 interactive activities. Students visit a Woodland Indian Village, feel what it was like to cross the ocean to Maryland, learn about life on plantations, and see how life changed for the colonists as more and more people arrived.

Pathways to FreedomPathways to Freedom: Maryland and the Underground Railroad
Step back in history and trace Maryland's underground railroad. This literacy lesson offers historical accounts of how Marylanders guided slaves to freedom through a unique collection of covert byways and secret hiding places.

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