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Second Season Launches Thursday, Sept 26th!

Airing on MPT-HD on Thursdays at 8:30pm, repeats Sundays at 12:30pm

Maryland Public Television is excited to launch the second season of Artworks, MPT's weekly arts series. The show features intriguing profiles of established and emerging artists from across the country working in all creative categories: musicians, performers, visual artists, writers, designers, artisans - and experimental others who defy definition. Each program gives viewers insider access to outstanding artists they would never see otherwise, including many from our own area.

New this season: a rotating series of Guest Co-Hosts from Arts organizations from across the Baltimore –Washington, D.C. area. These include: Stephen Yasko from WTMD 89.7 Public Radio, Megan Hamilton from Baltimore Creative Alliance, Peggy Loar from the Corcoran Gallery of Art and College Art + Design, Gerald Ross from MICA, Julia Marciari-Alexander from The Walters Art Museum, Jason Loewith from the Olney Theatre, and Vincent M. Lancisi from the Everyman Theater.

For more information visit Major funding for Artworks is provided in part by the people of Baltimore.

More information about Artworks

This innovative series is produced by a consortium of nearly thirty PBS stations across the country which have contributed some of their best arts segments to a shared archive, organized into programs by New York's flagship PBS station, WNET.

Each episode is a feast for the eyes and ears, showcasing artists across the creative spectrum. In Season One we met photographers of amazing range: one shoots abstract aerials from a plane; another hits the road with politicians and rock stars; a third documents the vanishing but still legendary American West.

Visual artists included one who draws food – as seen under a powerful microscope. An Iraqi painter in exile has re-invented himself and his style on America's shore. Another artist sees beauty in the detail of the mundane – from portable toilets to vacant lots to his own bald spot. An award-winning children's' book illustrator seeks to cross cultural divides.

You've met musicians of extraordinary talent: a pianist, a beatboxer, harmonica and banjo players, and a mystical one-man band difficult to categorize. Discovered gifted dancers and Muslim women hip hop artists. We showcased exiled poets and writers who have discovered a new voice through art. Tuned in for a fashion designer, a medieval sword craftsman, a subway mosaic maker, and guitar maker to the stars. And...this was just the beginning.

Artworks Season 2 showcases intriguing artists from across America - and includes profiles of many local artists. MPT's Rhea Feikin and a series of Guest Co-Hosts from arts organizations in the Baltimore-Washington, DC present this lively showcase of the arts.


Local Funding for Artworks is provided in part by the People of Baltimore.

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