Chesapeake Collectibles: Season 6


Chesapeake Collectibles launches an exciting all new sixth season on Thursday, January 7th, 2016 at 8:00 pm on MPT-HD. This year, we're back on the road at beautiful Turf Valley in Ellicott City.

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  • Repeats overnight Fridays at 1:30am and Saturdays at 10:00pm on MPT-HD
  • Repeats Sundays at 6pm on MPT2
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  • With host Rhea Feikin


Chesapeake Collectibles is one of MPT's most successful flagship series
Each show opens a treasure chest of precious heirlooms and compelling family sagas. These memorabilia come from all over the world – and from our own area too, rich in American history and steeped in culture.

Your favorite Appraisers are back
Our distinguished cast of Appraisers evaluates collectors' prized possessions with zest and expertise, plus they offer insider tips on collecting in special "Appraiser Highlight" segments.

Skeletons in the closet – literally
The premiere show features an exquisite Marquis diamond ring – worth at least five times what the collector paid; there's Plain Jane -- the quirky name for a prized personal skeleton; a very rare baseball signed by sports legends; an elaborately illustrated map of the world from the 1600's; a limited edition lunar module model – and that's just the first episode!

All new features
Throughout the series we go on location to explore the hidden treasures of passionate private collectors and notable historic institutions.

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Major funding for Chesapeake Collectibles Season 6 is provided by:
Turf Valley, Alex Cooper Auctioneers, Inc., and Cosmetic & Advanced Dentistry