Chesapeake Collectibles: Season 5
All NEW Episodes! Premieres January 8 at 8pm


Chesapeake Collectibles is one of MPT's most successful series. Each show opens a treasure chest, discovering mystery and memories. Family lore makes history come alive.

• Airs Thursdays at 8pm on MPT-HD
• Repeats Fridays at 1:30am and Saturdays at 10:00pm on MPT-HD
• Repeats Sundays at 6pm on MPT2
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With host Rhea Feikin


About Season 5

Our first episode in Season 5 discovers an exquisite drawing by American artist John Singer Sargent. A collector plays his odd double-belled euphonium horn, bought for a song. Albert Einstein personally autographed a father's book on Relativity; very rare Winchester guns have more than doubled in value. And much more.


FILMED ON LOCATION: Turf Valley in Howard County

All New Antiques! Fascinating heirlooms include treasures of priceless historic importance, eccentric charisma and cherished tradition.

Cheers to our Appraisers! We've come to love 'em!

Appraiser Highlights & Features: Expert tips on collecting and visits to special collections. Love toy trains? Want to collect Oriental rugs? Do you swing to vintage jazz?

Were you filmed at the event? You will be notified a couple of weeks in advance of the airdate of the show in which you appear.

Season 6

Would you like to be on Season 6? Start looking through your attic…and stay tuned for information about how you can register to bring your heirlooms to the Season 6 taping of Chesapeake Collectibles in 2015!

Major funding for Chesapeake Collectibles Season 5 is provided by: Howard County Tourism and Promotion, Turf Valley, Alex Cooper Auctioneers, Inc., and Cosmetic & Advanced Dentistry.


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