Outdoors Maryland
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Episode 2606: July 1, 2014


A grassroots movement is making its way across MD that encourages the use of native plants and gardening techniques.

Silent Invasion

Invasive species on both our land and waters are fiercely aggressive & the MD Dept of Natural Resources works to control the problem.

Island Nesters

Scientists fear for the future of our Colonial Nesting Water Birds as their nesting areas disappear.

Episode 2607: July 8, 2014
Beauty and the Beasts

beauty and the beasts

Maryland is graced with the beauty of rare wild orchids that grow in out-of-the-way places around the state.

Sustaining Beauty

Several thousand acres of pristine southern MD waterfront property become public.

Wild Encounters

Learn what is being done to ease the problems sometimes created by Human/Wildlife encounters with the emphasis on safety for both people and animals.

Episode 2608: July 15, 2014
Spanning Time

spanning time

Covered bridges still survive throughout Maryland as touchstones to our past.

Chesapeake Born

Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, the ultimate water dog!

Rails to Trails

It is a growing movement all over the nation, converting former rail lines to hiking and biking trails.

Episode 2609: July 22, 2014
Spring's Wings

spanning time

The delicate flutter of the butterfly marks the beginning of Spring - and triggers a new season of passionate "hunting" among butterfly lovers.

Sport of Kings

Peregrine Falcons are trained to hunt game for their handlers, much like they have since medieval times.

A Dog's Eyeview

Sheepdog trainers coax the ancient herding instinct from their dogs.

Episode 2610: July 29, 2014
Tapping the Mountain Sap

spanning time

The annual ritual of collecting sap from maple trees.

An Exotic Challenge

The Sika, a tiny species of deer, is the focus of wildlife enthusiasts for its unusual habits in the wild.

Hunter of the Forest Edge

Maryland DNR ecologist Dave Brinker searches the forest to find the Great Horned Owl.

Episode 2611: August 5, 2014
Jewels of the Forest

spanning time

The hobby of wild mushroom hunting.

Search for the Saw-Whet

DNR ecologist Dave Brinker's annual census of this elusive tiny owl.

Ponies on the Edge

The Assateague Island pony herd has been roaming the island for centuries.

Episode 2612: August 12, 2014
Brush and Feather

Brush and Feather

As a young man, John Taylor's passion for birds drove him to the artist's canvas.

Color and Light

It's the landscape that draws Maryland artist Kevin Fitzgerald to the land...the gentle lure of color and light.

Shades of Winter

Maryland's beauty inspires some local painters to capture on canvas the frosty wilds of Western Maryland.