Outdoors Maryland
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Episode 2601: November 5
Episode 2601 The Inner Climb

Students from the Baltimore School for the Arts learn life lessons while rock climbing with Outward Bound.

Of Rice and Rails

Jug Bay is a pristine oasis with a unique habitat: a fresh water tidal marsh containing countless numbers of birds, animals, insects and plants.

Peninsula of Plenty

Elk Neck State Park is a beautiful getaway for family traditions.


Episode 2602: November 12
Episode 2602 The Chartered Life

Charter boat captains talk about spending every day with a rod and a reel.

Hunting for Balance

Hunting as a means of controlling the deer population in Maryland.

Rebuild the Bounty

Working to repopulate the bay's oyster population.


Episode 2603: November 19
Episode 2603 Green Eggs and Sand

Elementary students become horseshoe crab scientists; raising living fossils in their classroom.

Lake Affects

Growing pains in the Western Maryland paradise of Deep Creek Lake.

A Rare Pair

Hunting for two Maryland rarities: The Frosted Elfin butterfly and Wild Lupine.


Episode 2604 (Best of...): November 26
Episode 2604 A Sportsman's Paradise

Every Autumn a winged migration from Canada turns Maryland's Eastern shore into a Sportsman's Paradise.

The Sacred Places

Kayakers pitch their tents on windswept beaches and seek inspiration on the Chesapeake Bay.

To Horse and Away

The ancient tradition of fox chasing is alive and well in the rolling green hills and farm fields of Carroll County.