Corporate Sponsorship

Reasons to Sponsor MPT

MPT offers unique tangible benefits. With MPT various program genres, underwriters have the ability to target like cable and the broad reach of television. All of these benefits in a trusted, safe, uncluttered environment.

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Increase your reach across the State of Maryland and beyond

  • Television is the biggest stage to reach the citizens of Maryland, and MPT is at the forefront
  • MPT is a television station with free statewide broadcasting
  • MPT reaches 1.8M persons 2+ in the Baltimore/Washington DMA
  • MPT's program guide is mailed to over 60,000 members

Elevate your corporate image and increase profits

For the 10th consecutive year, PBS has been valued as the most trusted institution in the U.S. 85% of consumers believe higher-purpose, cause-related marketing creates a positive image for partners; 75% public television viewers believe that companies who sponsor public television vs. a commitment to quality.

Public Trust in PBS

Reach an audience educated, engaged, and wealthy

  • Adults 35+ 86%
  • College degree 67%
  • Post Graduate degree 25%
  • Attended a Symphony/Concert 57%
  • Attended a museum 42%
  • Have financial investments 63%
  • Income $50K+ 62%

Source: Scarborough 2012 Baltimore/Washington DMA Persons 18+

Break through the media clutter

Only PBS offers a dominate share of voice. Corporate messages have greater impact in the low-clutter environment on MPT.

Break through the media clutter

Source: Kantar Media, M-F, 8-11p, February 2011. Figures reflect average national commercial minutes and spots per primetime hour, includes programs that are at least one hour; includes network promos.

Ways to sponsor

  • MPT HD-Airs programs that broaden horizons, lift spirits, educate and engage our communities.
  • MPT 2-Programs for lifestyle, cultural and informational programming particularly suited to 45 to 65 year-olds.
  • Vme-Providing intelligent, engaging Spanish-language programming that entertains educates and inspires families.

PBS Network Programs

PBS network programs deliver an educated, upscale viewer that delivers an audience: American Experience, Antiques Roadshow, Call the Midwife, Downton Abbey, NOVA, Nature, PBS NewsHour.

Children's Programs

MPT prides itself on being a safe harbor of children's educational programming. Numerous studies of public TV programming indicate that children who watch shows such as Sesame Street, Martha Speaks, SuperWHY! and Word World show marked improvement on key literacy and social skills. What's more, public TV is cited as the number one source of media content among preschool teachers. The online educational content and resources provided by public television has become one of the top internet destinations for children.

Locally produced programs

Direct Connection, Outdoors Maryland, MotorWeek, Your Money & Business, State Circle, Artworks, Chesapeake Collectibles, You Can Afford College. Throughout the year get engaged in locally produced prime programs such as: Kiplin Hall, Historic Barns, War on the Chesapeake and You Can Afford College. Join in the success of Chesapeake Bay Week. The only programming initiative of its kind in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed region, Chesapeake Bay Week is part of MPT's year-round, ongoing commitment to the bay and our environment.

National television

MPT produces or distributes a number of national series available for sponsorship that air on stations throughout the U.S. Sponsors can provide underwriting messages within the program.


Reach thousands of viewers across Maryland and the surrounding states as the sponsor of a MPT pledge drive. Your employees will appear on-air as your corporate challenge grant inspires viewers to join you in supporting MPT's award-winning programming.

Digital Sponsorship

You can extend your reach of the MPT audience by airing your message in a video pre-roll. Your message will air just before the start of the program. A 10 second message will be exclusive and with less restrictive creative elements than allowed on MPT's air.

Display Advertising

Expand your reach of the MPT audience through online sponsorship with display ads positioned throughout the site. Your 300x250 display ad can offer additional messaging to your on-air sponsorship and drive traffic to your website.


Sponsorship of MPT's E-Newsletters puts your message in front of our large and loyal audience who want to stay informed. The E-Newsletters newsletters: The Weekly Primetime Spotlights (2,668), Monthly Primetime Listings (813), Afternoon Tea (6,750), MotorWeek (5,820), Music (6,312), Nature and Science Spotlights (2,101), PBS Kids (444), Travel Spotlights (1,578).


Concerts and events, such as Doo Wop and folk music, of particular interest to fans of Maryland Public Television. MPT hosts concerts and events throughout the year. Get involved with the community with a booth or signage at one of MPT's signature concert or event.

Community Outreach

MPT believes that a healthy community is where families and citizens enjoy quality of life in a nurturing social structure - from education and social services to civic leadership. These communities are vibrant and dynamic in all of their many segments. As an active member of the Maryland community, MPT's outreach efforts contribute to the well-being of this dynamic interdependence, enriching and strengthening the people of our region.

For more information: contact Randy Farmer-O'Connor at (410) 581-4080 or